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Why Humans?? Here is a bit of a snapshot of why I created the Humans podcast…..

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I have been involved in the audio format of media for quite a while now and done stints in radio presenting, podcast hosting and even a bit of voiceover work. The podcast thing really appealed to me when I first started mucking around with it, probably early 2010’s. I liked the format of being able to pre-record content, but also format it to how you think your listeners might like it. The radio show I was doing at the time was a community show in the south-east of Melbourne and I started converting each live ep into a podcast for release the next day. I think this was fairly new for the station at the time, but it seemed to have pretty decent uptake form listeners. From there I explored the medium in a more detailed way and started diving ears first, into the massive world that is podcasting!

I have been, and continue to be involved in a number of podcasts in various categories, but in 2018 I decided I really wanted to create something that was unrestricted in content and time lines, unscripted and unsensored in what I want to say, and feature people that I really wanted to chat to, without trying to push any agenda or reach a certain discussion point, just to let it flow. I took on a working title of Humans and started creating a concept of what I wanted to achieve, which ultimately, was to record conversations with myself and a guest each episode that I find to be a great human. It was and still is a very simple concept, but one that I feel really at peace with representing who I am, but also who the guest is. I spent the next year finding ways and excuses not to do it, but finally, with the help and support of my amazing wife, I started recording and kicked it all off.

But why though……

Ok let’s step it back a bit. Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? Put someone into a silo without really knowing whether they belong there? Made up your mind on someone without even meeting them or hearing about who they are?

Of course you have……we all have…’s much easier to just make an assumption on a persons character and put it to bed, than it is to actually take a moment to get to know someone, to listen to them, to get a snapshot of their lives and actually have an understanding and appreciation for who they are.

It was my daughter who, unintentionally, gave me the inspiration to take a moment to not be judgemental. Rather than use a split second to make up my mind on something, stop and think openly about it. It is her black and white way of thinking, which can at times be challenging, that opened up the view that; we are all human, but until we take the time to understand someone, hear from them, listen to their story, there is no way we can make an assumption on who they are and what kind of human they are.

This way of thinking has changed the way I view things now and I feel really fortunate to have been opened up to it. What it has also taught me is that, everyone has something great to say…sometimes we just need to listen harder!

I have been really fortunate to have had such amazing guests on the show to date and can’t wait to keep producing these episodes.

Thanks for coming by the site. I hope you have had a listen to some of the episodes and my guests, and I can resonate in some way with you. It’s all about communication and this is one of the best ways to become the best human version of yourself that you can!!

Cheers, Luke

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Voiceover artist and podcast producer/creator.

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