Humans in 30ish

The newest series in the Humans podcast world…..

Humans In 30 ish

Humans in 30ish came about when I threw an idea of starting a new podcast series while in lockdown here in Melbourne.

It’s fair to say this lockdown and the whole COVID experience has put the brakes on a lot of people creatively, and I admit it has done that to me for a period. But I didn’t want to stop everything, so I started toying with the idea of creating a continuous podcast series that I could roll out while waiting to get back into the swing of things (whenever that could be). I threw a couple of ideas together and jumped on the phone to my good friend and always entertaining, Matt Peek. After a bit of back and fourth, Humans in 30ish was born and production more or less kicked off straight away.

The “30ish” reference is linked to the fact that we wanted to create each episode to be “about” 30 minutes long. A shorter format than the standard Humans podcast which is more around the 1 hour mark. There is also a reference to Matt and I being in our 30’s, but depending on the longevity of the show, it could end up being Humans in 40ish in a few years!!

So what is it all about…..

Well, actually, in terms of content in each episode, we really don’t know! I’ll explain in a sec. But the concept is, that each episode, Matt and I come together, albeit remotely initially, and bring to the table two discussion topics each. These topics can be literally anything. There is no topic too taboo, no topic too boring, no topic too out of left field. All topics are in play! Now, the reference to the unknown content, is that, we don’t share these topics prior to recording, the idea is to get on the spot reactions and our thoughts on each….and more or less see where it takes us.

To give you an idea of the range of topics, the first couple of eps we ever recorded gave us the likes of, Gin, Trump, “Karen”, Isis, Birthday Cards and Sizzler Restaurants. Yep no real trend to that other than the randomness of it……and that’s why it is sooo enjoyable to create. At the moment, we are recording these episodes weekly and having a ball.

Keep an eye on the Humans Podcast Insta page as well as subscribing to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts from.

In the meantime, check out the latest Humans in 30ish for yourself and let us know what you think!!

Cheers, Luke

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Voiceover artist and podcast producer/creator.

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