Hook, Line & Sinker – The Boat Shed

New podcast series with the Hook, Line & Sinker team

Round 2 of podcast series’ for PodcastOne Australia with Hook, Line & Sinker and this time went down the path of boating.

Once again, in collaboration with Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart of Hook, Line & Sinker, we headed into planning mode for a 2nd series with PodcastOne. The first being the fishing series, “Back To Basics” which covered all the things you need to know for someone starting out in fishing. We had a blast with that but thought we’d take a slightly different approach with the focus being switched from fishing directly, to boating.

Andrew and Nick are absolutely passionate boaties and that combined with the massive boating industry here in Australia, we thought it would be fitting to dive head first into everything to do with boats.

The series that will take you from the comfort of your living room to the open seas in no time. From choosing what boat suits your lifestyle to navigating the seemingly endless choices around size, style and shape of boat, this series will help you make the right purchase for you and get you out on your maiden voyage.

That’s the guts of it, and that’s what we set out to do. We wanted to take listeners through a step by step adventure of boat ownership. Of course the initial stages of buying the boat is such a huge one, it took us across two episodes to cover off on what we think is a sufficient as far as our personal experiences go and advice we are confident to give.

Episode 3 is all about that first voyage, the maiden voyage. Plenty of do’s AND dont’s in this as we are all guilty of stuffing things up from time to time……and by the way, you are guaranteed to have some minor fails as you go. This boat owning things is so much about experience, learning, trying, and all of it adds up.

Then of course once you have had a boat for a while, you start adding extra features and “pimping” it out to your desire. That’s where episode 4 goes. Boat fitouts….another endless conversation that any boat owner will relate to. By the way, things that work for us doesn’t necessarily mean it works for everyone. Boat ownership is unique in that you get to know your boat and what works for it and what works for the use you need it for. Don’t let anyone tell you what you “must have” in your vessel. Only you know that!

Surprisingly, we went slightly of course for episode 5, but still relevant. So far the series is exclusively about power boats, but we know there is a mass market for sail, PWC, kayaks, canoes, SUPs and anything that gets you out on the water, so we covered it to the best of our ability!

Then finally episode 6 took us somewhere that Andrew and Nick have become famous for……project boats. Building or renovating your own boat. Disclaimer, if you have seen any of the Hook, Line & Sinker project boats on TV, you will totally understand that there are lots and lots of fails when taking on project boats. But, it’s not all doom and gloom! The wins and positives are extraordinary and to sit out in the bay, lake or ocean in something you have built or helped pieced together is a monumental moment that Hook, Line & Sinker promote to anyone…….just be careful!!!

I really hope you have a great time listening to this series. We had a ball making it and our passion for boats is still strong!!

Check it out from wherever you get your podcasts, or go to the PodcastOne Australia website and find it all there along with plenty of other cool shows!!

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