Here is another avenue of expression and creativity in which I enjoy. I hope there is something here that works for you…….

The real health concern

“the impact lockdowns have from a mental health perspective is frightening……really frightening”

Humans Episode 28 – Chris Anstey

 Hello friends, welcome. Below you will find a transcript of a few sections from Episode 28 of Humans featuring the wonderful Chris Anstey. Chris was kind enough to give me and you some of his time and share some amazing insights into his learnings from a long career of being a top level athlete not…

Lose yourself…..

“find yourself in a calming, open piece of nature and “lose” yourself for a moment”

Hook, Line & Sinker – The Boat Shed

New podcast series with the Hook, Line & Sinker team Round 2 of podcast series’ for PodcastOne Australia with Hook, Line & Sinker and this time went down the path of boating. Once again, in collaboration with Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart of Hook, Line & Sinker, we headed into planning mode for a 2nd…


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